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Write better.  Faster.

As a lawyer, you are a professional writer.  Whether working from home or the office, you can increase efficiency and redesign your approach for translating legal writing into readable prose, writing simultaneously to experts and non-experts, and shortening documents without damaging their precision.


Professor Jill J. Ramsfield is a legal writing expert who trains highly sophisticated attorneys to improve performance, job comfort, and careers.  A tenured Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center (20 years) and the William S. Richardson School of Law (7 years), she has also practiced law, consulted extensively, and authored legal writing books.


Professor Ramsfield has a unique approach to writing better and faster while balancing many demands.  She tailors her programs and individual sessions to incorporate the challenges of working from home, meeting virtually, and still writing efficiently, analyzing critically, designing persuasively, managing effectively, and communicating cross-culturally



In response to an increasingly global legal environment, Professor Ramsfield’s international work has spanned Asia, Europe, South Africa, Iceland, Guam, and Australia.  She also helps individuals improve cross-cultural performance in such areas as patent law, international trade, and business development.



Professor Ramsfield’s approach is direct, individualized, flexible, creative, practical, and carefully targeted to achieve breakthrough results.  She helps clients work through challenges with strategy, structure, style, proofreading, deadlines, and workplace and home conflicts so that clients discover and exploit their personal and writing strengths.


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