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"International transactions and the growing body of international law have reinformed U.S. document design, forcing us to consider intercultural ways of analyzing situations."

Global Clientele

Jill J. Ramsfield, JD

Internationally, Professor Ramsfield has conducted classes for lawyers and judges from China, Japan, Iceland, South Africa, Slovenia, Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, and Uganda; and legal educators from Japan, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. She has advised and coached individuals from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, France, South Africa, among many other countries, on cross-cultural methods for adjusting to the U.S. legal community’s expectations. She has also developed tailored programs for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Succeeding in a Cross-Cultural Environment

Professor Ramsfield tailors her international programs to specific needs, such as communicating cross-culturally in an increasingly international practice setting or using emails effectively across languages and time zones. Her programs generate techniques for writing efficiently, analyzing critically, designing powerful briefs, speaking effectively, and managing writers. Her clients are law firms and government agencies who seek to communicate more effectively among branch offices and with international clients.  Participating lawyers specialize in a variety of practice areas, including intellectual property litigation and prosecution, international law, securities, tax, health care, white collar crime, labor and employment, food and drug, bankruptcy, and antitrust. She also works with individual lawyers to create techniques uniquely suited to their strengths and law practices.  She is highly experienced in working with non-native speakers of English.

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