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"Each of us develops a process by which we uncover and discover meaning in creating a document.  Each of us discovers tehniques that work well.  We build our own processes through experience.  We can streamline those processes by comparing our techniques to others and by becoming aware of what we are doing and when, how and why we are doing it."

Personal Instruction

Professor Ramsfield’s specialty is working with individual attorneys to create techniques uniquely suited to their strengths and law practices. Using a three-stage approach, Professor Ramsfield works with each client to assess the situation, to create unique techniques that meet specific goals, and to implement those techniques for impact and growth. Working together with the client, she diagnoses what is needed and generates individualized methods that are immediately applicable in daily legal and professional practices.

Custom Seminars

Professor Ramsfield has created a unique approach to writing better and faster on the job. She teaches continuing legal education courses nationally and internationally, and her clients include law firms, government agencies, judges, and magistrates.

Her subjects include writing efficiently, analyzing critically, designing powerful briefs, speaking effectively, and managing writers. Her clients practice in a variety of areas, including intellectual property, international law, tax, securities, contracts, health care, white collar crime, labor and employment, real estate, food and drug, bankruptcy, and antitrust.

Professor Ramsfield customizes each course to address the specific needs of the lawyers participating.


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